Bathrooms: The new high-tech haven

Hansgrohe_bath_0008_layer-1When you think about technology in the home, the family room or home office might come to mind. But today’s master bathrooms are becoming a room where homeowners are splurging on the latest technology, turning a standard master bath into a luxurious, spa retreat.

Once viewed as strictly a utilitarian space, the bathroom has transformed into a getaway for busy homeowners – a visit to the spa within the confines of your own home. Many high-tech features are becoming more prevalent in today’s upscale hotels and resorts, and now you can bring these features directly into the confines of your own home.

Homeowners are looking for the ‘wow’ factor and they are willing to spend a little more money in a new home or remodel if they can outfit the bathroom exactly the way they want it. New product innovations have made this possible and today’s top brands offer more integrated devices, features and functions than ever before.

Consider these luxurious bathroom features for your own high-tech haven:

Digital Showering Systems
Kohler DTV ShowerToday’s showers are larger, airy and often include multiple showerheads. With the help of a digital interface system, you can now turn a routine shower into a personalized hydro-therapy experience. A digital interface functions as a remote control, allowing you to save your favorite temperatures and showerhead combinations, as well as play music from your computer or MP3 player. Kohler’s DTV digital interface controls shower times, flow rates, lighting, temperatures and even multi-media sound through a simple menu-based navigation system. The interface panel can be installed inside or outside the shower in vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) orientations. It comes with six presets that can be activated at the touch of a button. The shower interface is designed to be easy-to-clean, eliminating the need for multiple valve handles. Digital programming not only helps conserve water, but it lets you set all the controls for a consistent shower experience every time, without having to adjust hot and cold or the shower flow.

Steam Showers
Steamist Shower-Woman_Control_Bring the spa experience of lounging in a sauna into the comforts and privacy of your own home with the added benefit of technology. All steam shower options from ThermaSol feature generators that produce steam in seconds, not minutes, and systems are 100% digital including Bluetooth technology and a mobile app that controls water temperature, light and music devices. Be advised, there are many factors to consider when converting a traditional shower into a steam shower, such as: bathroom size, access to behind-wall panels, shower door height and where the steamhead should be mounted. We recommend you work with a licensed professional contractor to make sure your shower is compliant with your local building regulations.

One-Touch  or Touchless Faucets
Brizo Charlotte Lavatory Faucet_pressWhile you are probably accustomed to touchless faucet technology in commercial settings such as airports or public restrooms, one-touch and touchless technology is now available in the home. Simply tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start and stop the water flow; while intuitive technology also allows you to go hands-free. The water turns on as your hands move close to the faucet. Water temperature is controlled manually just like with a standard faucet. The Brizo Charlotte faucet is a great example of hands-free and one-touch activation along with temperature control technology.

High-Tech Toilets
KohlerNumi_highres-pressA toilet that can do (almost) everything for you! Kohler’s Numi toilet is arguably one of the most advanced toilets on the market. It includes features galore – a self-opening and closing lid, self-cleaning bidet with adjustable controls for temperature and water pressure, a drying wand, heating elements in the seat and foot area, a built-in speaker system, a deodorizer and more.

There are a myriad of ways to customize your bathroom to create a personalized, high-tech haven, so schedule an appointment with a Ferguson associate to learn how to create your perfect tech retreat.