Q&A: Kid-friendly products

When selecting plumbing, lighting and appliances, it’s important to consider every member of the household, including the younger ones. Ferguson Showroom Manager Donald Miller shares tips for selecting kid-friendly products that are great for every member of the family.

Delta Temp2O hand shower
Delta Temp2O hand shower

Q: What’s a good showering option to aid in bathing younger children?
A: A key concern for parents when bathing small children is achieving a comfortable water temperature. Advancements in technology help eliminate the guesswork. For example, the Delta Temp2O displays a digital read out of the temperature and has an easy to see color indicator: blue for cool, purple for warm and red for hot. It is available as a showerhead, hand shower and tub faucet.

Q: Which kitchen faucets are great for kids?
A: Hands free and touch faucets for the kitchen and bathroom are popular because they help reduce the spread of germs and messes, and are easier to operate by smaller hands. One option is the Brizo Venuto pull down faucet. Simply touching any part of the faucet or handle turns the flow of water on and off.

Q: What is a safe cooktop option for families with small children?
A: Induction cooktops are a safe and energy efficient option because the magnetic heating element only heats the surface covered by a metal pot or pan. With additional child lock features, it’s safe for curious fingers and little hands walking along the countertop looking for balance.

Electrolux 70 Series Front Load washer and dryer
Electrolux 70 Series Front Load washer and dryer

Q: What’s a good washer/dryer choice for families on-the-go?
A: Washers and dryers with a large load capacity and fast cycles are great for families on-the-go. Electrolux offers several super-fast washers and dryers with a 15 minute wash cycle and 14 minute dry cycle, allowing a small load of laundry to be completed in 30 minutes. This is a great option to quickly freshen play clothes and sports uniforms.

Q: What lighting considerations should a parent make for a child’s study area?
A: LED bulbs are great for task lighting at desks and study spaces because they do not generate heat, save energy and are available in multiple shapes and sizes. One overlooked area for lighting is under a bunk or loft bed when a desk is placed directly underneath. Small, mounted recessed lighting or track lighting can be installed directly under the bed to illuminate the work space.

Uline Beverage Center
Uline Beverage Center

Q: Which kitchen appliance is gaining in popularity with parents?
A: Undercounter refrigeration is popular with parents, as it’s an energy efficient way to store items such as juice boxes, finger foods and kids’ snacks in one easy-to-access area. It also reduces the need to open and close the main refrigerator multiple times.


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