It starts with a flawless cut of meat. You marinated the filet to perfection. The sizzling crackle of the juices hitting the grill makes your mouth water. You step away briefly to get a plate to display the beautiful work of art that is your steak. When you return, you find a dry blackened lump of shame. This is #GrillShame. You’re not alone. Upload your photo of a shameful grilling mishap or share it on Instagram or Twitter and tag it #GrillShame. One grand prize winner will be selected to win a 36” Freestanding All-Sear Grill with Rotisserie from Lynx Grills.

To enter the contest:
1. Pick your pic: Choose an image of your grilling mishap.
2. Share socially: Post your image to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GrillShame.
3. Or enter online: Direct upload your image and information to the photo contest page.

The contest runs now through Friday, June 19.
Official contest page: