Size it up: How to select the right light fixture for your space

Lighting fixtures are the jewelry of the home. Whether featured as a grand welcome to guests in a foyer or illuminating a kitchen island, decorative lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles to please any discerning taste. However, when selecting the perfect fixture for your project, the lighting experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery recommend the following pro tips to select a beautiful fixture that is also well suited for the space.

Progress Vestique pendant. Image courtesy of Progress Lighting. Click photo for high-res download.

How to calculate the right size

Consider the size of your room and select the right-sized fixture to achieve proper illumination and maintain style continuity. To figure out the ideal dimensions for a statement chandelier, a good rule of thumb is to add the width and length of a room and use this number in inches as the approximate diameter of the chandelier. Example: If a room is 12′ wide and 16′ long, add 12+16=28. The minimum width would then be 28″.




AFX Novara LED sconce. Image courtesy AFX. Click photo for high-res download.

Pro tips for placement

  • Use oversized pendants to proportionately accommodate large kitchen islands and open dining areas.
  • Use thin and sleek LED lighting to provide the correct proportion for visual balance without overshadowing a vanity area.
  • When replacing vanity lighting, linear designs offer a variety of installation options.
  • When spacing allows, cluster pendants at varying heights to create a cozy living space.



Kichler Armstrong pendant. Image courtesy of Kichler Lighting. Click photo for high-res download.

Adjustable fixtures offer flexibility

A new light design trend is adjustable fixtures, lighting fixtures that can be adjusted to accommodate the dimensions of the space. With a simple twist or turn, adjustable fixtures can adapt to your space and personal style preferences. The flexibility of these interactive pieces provides greater options when selecting home décor and allow you to maximize space and investment.


For more pro tips and bright ideas for selecting lighting fixtures, check out the full Design Details Lighting guide.