Spring into cleaning action

Spring signals the time of year to rejuvenate the home with a fresh atmosphere. The experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery recommend these products to help you spring into cleaning mode and maintain a tidy home year-round.


Rack up more space

Bosch 500 series dishwasher. Image courtesy of Bosch. Click product for high-res image download.

Instead of cramming dirty dishes into every corner of the dishwasher, select an option that offers more space. New dishwashers by Bosch offer a redesigned third rack for exceptional flexibility and loading ease. The SpeedPerfect™ feature reduces cycle time by 25 percent. The dishwashers also feature a sensor wash system that detects the level of dirt and debris in the water during the pre-wash cycle; thereby delivering the precise amount of cleaning power to get every dish clean. No pre-rinsing needed, just simply scrape your dishes before loading.
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American Standard ActiClean toilet. Image courtesy of American Standard. Click product for high-res image download.

Let the toilet do the dirty work

Cross one more chore off the to-do list with a toilet that virtually cleans itself. Touchless toilets promote increased hygiene with touchless flushing and skirted toilets offer sleek design for easier cleaning. Many smart toilets – with digital controls or Bluetooth® connectivity – include features that reduce manual cleaning time and promote increased hygiene. For self-cleaning toilets, the term “self-clean” means there is a mechanism or design element built into the toilet which helps reduce the need for traditional manual cleaning. Some options may include special cleaning solutions, hydrophobic or hydrophilic glazes, advanced flushing technology and specially-designed rims.
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Grohe LadyLux FootControl pull-down kitchen faucet. Image courtesy of Grohe. Click product for high-res image download.


Hands free faucet control

Reduce the spread of germs and messes with hands free and single touch faucets. Not sacrificing style or functionality, these faucets come with all the features of a traditional faucet. Simply touching any part of the faucet or placing objects directly under the faucet head turns the flow of water on and off. The new Grohe FootControl kitchen faucets are controlled with a foot tap on the base unit, leaving hands free and the faucet spotless.
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