Three toilet trends for today’s home

Homeowners are paying more attention to the style, functionality and contribution to overall wellness of the most used seat in the home. With a wealth of design options and technology integrations, the toilet is gaining popularity in American homes.

The product experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery share three toilet trends on the rise with discerning homeowners, builders, remodelers and designers.

Kohler Memoirs elongated skirted toilet. Image courtesy of Kohler.

Skirted one-piece design 

One-piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design. Skirted one-piece toilets provide a great way to update the bathroom design with a sleeker, seamless look, as the skirt design means the sides of the toilet are smooth and flat. They  are also easier to clean and more sanitary than exposed trapway toilets because there are less crevasses. Design and accessibility go hand-in-hand with a skirted toilet.


American Standard ActiClean toilet. Image courtesy of American Standard.

Health, hygiene and self-cleaning toilets

Touchless and smart toilets promote increased hygiene with flushing activated by touchless digital controls. For self-cleaning toilets, the term “self-clean” means there is a mechanism or design element built into the toilet which helps reduce the need for traditional manual cleaning. Some options may include special cleaning solutions, hydrophobic or hydrophilic glazes, advanced flushing technology and specially-designed rims.


Duravit SensoWash toilet. Image courtesy of Duravit.

Bidets become the norm

The trend to include a bidet or washlet in the home has been slowly building over the past few years. Many customers are looking for products that aid in better hygiene. A growing number of luxury hotels now include bidets and other amenities in the bathroom, so customers want to bring that experience to their own home. Options are available for a stand alone bidet, a bidet toilet seat or an integrated smart toilet with bidet functionality.