BARKitecture: the latest trend obsession

BARKitecture: the latest trend obsession

Incorporating Fido-first design into kitchen and mudroom design

BARKitecture was initially used to describe the design and construction of dog houses and other structures specifically for dogs. Over time, the term has grown as today's pet-loving homeowners increasingly incorporate BARKitecture into their kitchen and bath design. 

Today, homeowners embracing BARKitecture customize their pet-friendly homes with aesthetically pleasing and luxury features like hidden food storage and watering stations, as well as places to shower and groom their pets. Mudrooms specifically designed for families' best friends are becoming increasingly popular additions, as they make the care and feeding of animals more effortless and convenient. Additionally, they keep the main living spaces clean and free of pet hair.

The Rise in Popularity of Dog Wash and Feeding Stations: Why?

The popularity of dog wash and feeding stations in the home is due to several reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that people realize the importance of caring for their pets. A properly groomed and fed dog will be happier and healthier, which all pet owners should strive for. 

Furthermore, home decor is becoming increasingly creative, and many people choose to include their pets in their design schemes. A beautiful dog feeder or wash station can add a touch of elegance to any room. Finally, many people see these stations as a way to show appreciation to their pets. A well-maintained feeding or washing station is sure to please any pup!

Households adopt pets in record numbers during the pandemic.

  • Many news outlets, including the New York Times, reported an uptick in animal adoption foster applications nationwide immediately following the initial COVID outbreak. Humans rescued animals from homelessness; animals rescued humans from pandemic hopelessness as families adopted the perfect pet, creating a crucial two-way lifeline. The furry, unconditional and ongoing support sustains many Americans during this landmark time, perhaps when most needed.

The pandemic has forced people to be creative and innovative in all aspects of their lives, including pet care. 

  • Households became self-reliant DIYers due to the pandemic, even when it comes to their pets. This can include anything from shampooing them to brushing their teeth. With lockdowns and other restrictions in place, many people didn't have the option of taking their pets elsewhere, and this trend continued as lockdowns lifted. Entire YouTube channels are devoted to home pet grooming, and people are coming up with fantastic ideas for making their pets look their best.
  • Another reason for the popularity of DIY pet grooming is that people can be creative and show off their skills. One of the benefits of home-grooming is that it's a great way to bond with a pet. Spending time grooming them can be a fun way to relax and connect.  

Owning a pet increases one's quality of life.

  • Science has shown that owning a pet can increase one's quality of life and lead to a longer lifespan. People who own a dog consider them part of the family and enjoy their unconditional love. Non-pet owners often report feeling lonelier and having less contact with other people. Owning a pet provides companionship and can increase physical activity, leading to better overall health. Pets are also known to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

Incorporating BARKitecture

A pet needs a bed, a bowl, a few toys and a lot of love to feel at home. Homeowners looking to go the extra mile for their beloved pets are now adding luxury pet food and water stations and wash stations. Here are tips for incorporating BARKitecture in the kitchen and bath spaces.

Add a dog wash station in the mudroom.

  • Mudrooms are the perfect place to add a dog wash station. Install a handheld showerhead and use a tiled area with a drain to make it easy to clean up muddy paws and allow dogs to shake off fur. This station near the home's entrance will make it quick and easy for everyone to clean up before coming in.

Install a hidden food and watering station. 

  • Kitchen cabinetry can hide or recess food storage compartments. Many of these built-in feeding stations are usually incorporated into the center island and creatively incorporate a pot-filler faucet at their pet's water bowl level. While this certainly is more aesthetically pleasing, removing the food and water bowls from the floor also thwarts the danger of tripping over them.
  • Homeowners who serve fresh foods or subscribe to a food delivery service requiring refrigeration for their pets can install an under-counter refrigerator dedicated to Fido's culinary delights. 

BARKitecture in the kitchen and bath can be seen as a way to add luxury and aesthetics to a pet-friendly home. These areas are popular additions for homeowners with pets because they provide a space for feeding, grooming and storing food. Most importantly, they keep the main living spaces clean and free of pet hair.

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