Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District named first Urban Green Infrastructure Challenge winner

Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District named first Urban Green Infrastructure Challenge winner

Ferguson Waterworks announces winner of contest that called for entries in April 2021

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Ferguson Waterworks, as part of their commitment to building cleaner, greener cities, announces today that Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) wins the first Urban Green Infrastructure Challenge. As the award recipient, CCSWCD receives expertise, resources and funds from Ferguson Waterworks. The resources will assist CCSWCD in the installation of a showcase educational low impact development (LID) to treat on-site stormwater at the District’s office location.

According to Robert Woodman, PE, CPESC, Ferguson Waterworks National Manager - Urban Green Infrastructure, “Given the diverse and complex nature of urban runoff problems, their project proposal is a testament to the innovation, skill and vision that is necessary to progress toward a better future for our communities and planet.”

After leasing for many years, the District recently purchased its office space and accompanying property. With the purchase, the accompanying property included an impervious surface (parking lot and the building roof), with no existing stormwater treatment. The parking lot is a prime community location to introduce audiences to various stormwater infrastructure and management techniques.

To have a variety of LID best management practices on-site allows District staff to provide training and workshops. Workshops geared to municipal professionals and private contractors provide the opportunity to observe best practices in action, ensuring appropriate planning, design, installation, inspections, and maintenance occur at other sites.

“The Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District Board and staff are excited to ‘walk the talk’ and partner with Ferguson Waterworks to renovate our large parking lot into a low-impact development showcase,” Carol Ann Doucette, CCSWCD Board Chair, said. “We share our parking lot with the community, including the Town of Windham and Town of Gorham emergency services department, local businesses and organizations. The parking lot serves as a trailhead access point to the Mountain Division Trail, which connects five communities. These upgrades also allow the District to provide hands-on conservation education to municipalities, contractors and community members while providing better stormwater treatment and protecting local water resources. We are excited about this partnership with Ferguson Waterworks.”

In April, Ferguson Waterworks announced their first Urban Green Infrastructure Challenge. The contest targeted municipalities and conservation agencies in New England and New York that want to improve their water quality, protect downstream natural resources and meet regulatory requirements. To enter the contest, each agency or municipality developed a proposal, including a challenge statement, along with an outlined project plan.

Ferguson Waterworks’ focus is to help customers complete successful green infrastructure projects that not only look good on day one but are resilient into the future with minimum maintenance. Woodman said, “Waterworks has developed a customized approach to green infrastructure solutions by finding the right combination of technologies and products best suited for each customer. Through expert support, products and services, we can help communities improve their water management practices and create a safer and healthier nation. We are excited about working with Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District and learning how we can be the best partner in creating customized green infrastructure solutions.”

CCSWCD Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project
CCSWCD Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project
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