Ferguson supports DIGDEEP

Ferguson supports DIGDEEP

DIGDEEP is the only organization in the United States working to change that. And now, we are too.

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Roughly 1.6 million Americans don't have hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower or a working flush toilet, nor do they have clean water that's safe to drink. DIGDEEP is the only organization in the United States working to change that. And now, we are too.

Ferguson has signed on as the organization's first corporate partner and together, we will help millions of our neighbors in need through Community Plumbing Challenges. CPCs bring together a unique team of volunteer tradespeople and organizations from all over the U.S. to deliver running water and safe wastewater disposal for families situated in a particular area. During the CPCs, residents are also trained to maintain their new plumbing systems.

"When we think of access to clean water and proper sanitation, we tend only to see it as an issue abroad," explained Kevin Murphy, CEO. "We have an opportunity to really invest our products, resources and expertise to tackle a very-solvable social issue."

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DIGDEEP focuses its work in places without clean, running water or basic plumbing. It empowers American communities to build and manage low-cost systems that bring safe, hot and cold water into homes, schools and community centers.

DIGDEEP's water projects are community-led and designed to improve human rights standards like health and economic development measurably. In places that already have access to water, DIGDEEP designs experiences that help Americans form a deep and lasting connection to the water we often take for granted.

Our partnership with DIGDEEP aligns with our Ferguson Cares mission to ensure every household in the U.S. has access to clean water and with our focus on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal to ensure sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. If you'd like to get involved, email Ferguson Cares or visit DIGDEEP's website. ​

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