TADA! Light layering made easy

TADA! Light layering made easy

Selection of lighting is an important part of the overall design plan and should not be overlooked

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Lighting adds a beautiful finishing touch to a room, much like a vintage broach or special piece of jewelry completes the look of an outfit. Lighting is an addition to your home and can add value and security to the entire property.

When shopping for lighting fixtures, key things to remember are:

  • The location of the fixture
  • The amount of light needed by people using the room
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality
  • Cost

The lighting experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery use a method called “TADA” when creating a lighting plan for a home. It stands for: Task,  Accent, Decorative and Ambient lighting. By considering all four of these layers of light, you can achieve the proper illumination in any space.

Here is a look at TADA lighting in action:

Kitchen - The kitchen is the heart of the home as it serves many functions and each needs to be addressed with appropriate lighting. This is a prime area for the “TADA” method. Utilizing today’s emphasis on LED, under cabinet lighting is a must for tasks.  Recessed lighting provides excellent ambient lighting. Add decorative and accent lighting with personal design elements such as pendants and chandeliers. And above all don’t forget your dimming controls in the kitchen. Dimming not only provides energy savings but gives you the ability to control the overall ambient effect of the room.

Living Room - Living rooms are quiet, comfortable areas for relaxing and conversation. The room should be illuminated with a combination of ambient lighting and accent lighting. Accent lighting can create a dramatic effect by using down-lights to emphasize artwork, sculptures or a large plant.

Dining Room - The lighting in a dining room tends to be more formal. Many homeowners choose a chandelier, but the days of the standard polished brass chandeliers are long gone. There are an abundance of styles and designs available; and when paint colors are subtle and there are no busy patterns on rugs or other decorations, a decorative chandelier can add an exciting focal point to the room.

Bathroom - Correct lighting is essential for the bathroom. Ambient lighting sets the stage to add task or accent lighting to call out the room's features. Vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are best for makeup and shaving. Be sure to position sconces to shed equal light on both sides of the face, and 3 to 4 feet apart on the wall. Bathroom fixtures should have translucent shades to diffuse light, and exposed bulbs should be frosted to cut glare.


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